How to Upload All My Photos at Once

You now have the ability to upload all your photos at once, instead of selecting each photo individually! Here's how:
When you first enter your listing- skip the photo upload section. The system will now let you save your listing without entering a photo.
Once the listing is saved and all the data is entered, you're ready to upload your photos. Scroll down the listing page to the Photo Upload area. You can still upload your photos one at a time, if you prefer. To do so click the Upload Featured Photos icon.
Or you can click the Upload Bulk Images to add all your photos at once.
With the Bulk Upload option selected, click Add More Files
Locate and choose all your photos for the property and Open. You'll now see an inventory of the photos you've selected. Rearrange these photos in the order you want them to appear on your products by dragging and dropping them.
You may also crop, rotate, or remove a photo by mousing over it and selecting the appropriate task.
Add more files if you need and when ready click click Upload.
Your photos will be saved automatically. Click Refresh on your browser or Save Changes on your listing page to see your results.
*It's important to know that any existing photos for your listing will be replaced if you use the bulk uploader. Once all your photos have been added, use the single uploader to add any additional photos.

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