Problems with Logging into EXIT e-Listings

There are several reasons why you may be having difficulty logging into the EXIT e-listings website.
  1. Your agent account may be disabled. You would want to call EXIT e-listings at 1-888-882-1259 and consult with a customer service agent about enabling your account.
  1. You may need to update your payment information. Click on the green login bar and your payment details will appear. Re-enter any new details, including an updated credit card.  
  1. You may need to log back into the ERC. Sometimes, the ERC will time you out of the website. If you are receiving a message about “past credentials”, then you will want to log out of the ERC and then log back into the ERC. You can then log into EXIT e-listings.
  1. You have switched offices. If you move from one EXIT office to another, then you will need to call us at EXIT e-listings so that we can transfer your account. Our phone number is 1-888-882-1259.

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