Spice Up Your Listing With an HD Scene Virtual Tour

Here are a few tips and pointers to get your HD Scene Tours working and playing nicely! The first thing we need to do is go into your listing, and find the "Tour Style" setting under E-Tour Settings. After we save that change, we will see a "movie clapper" icon, which we can click to get to our new Scene editor.
Once in the Scene Editor, we can organize our tour into scenes, with a separate script for each scene. The first thing we need to make sure to do is enter a title for the first scene. Not every scene needs a title, but the HD Scene Tour will not play if Scene number one is untitled. From there, just pick images from the left column (every picture uploaded for the listing) and drag the ones you want into the right column (images that will play in the scene).
From here on out, the editor works similar to a standard tour, but with every scene operating like it's own little tour. The Scene Editor has a LOT of options that aren't available in a standard tour. If there is something special you'd like to try with your tour, give us a call and we can help you get it running!
- Make sure your images are uploaded in an order that you are happy with before starting your HD Scene tour. If you have pictures in your tour and then re-order them on the main listing, it will affect the pictures that are in your scenes as well.
- Save often! This is good practice in general, but make sure you save the scene using the button at the bottom of the scene editor before changing scenes or closing the window.
That should be enough to get started, if you get stuck or need help just let us know!

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