Listing Automation

If your office participates in an office plan, your listings may be automatically entered into e-Listings. One less thing for you to do right? But there are a few rules in automation that can make editing listings a little tricky. Let's break it down for you.
Listings Come In Automatically
When you enter a listing into your MLS, that information is sent to us and entered into your account. This can take a day or two, depending on your MLS's regulations. Once that listing enters your account, an email with all your e-Listings products is sent to you. You're all set!
Listings Come Out Automatically Too
Every day our system checks your account and checks what it sees from the MLS and makes everything match up. If you change the price of a property in MLS, it changes it in e-Listings. If you delete a listing in MLS, it is deleted in e-Listings. Sold listings and in some cases pending, are also deleted from e-Listings. Listings deleted cannot be retrieved.
What If the Listing Isn't in the MLS but I Want It in e-Listings?
We got you covered. You can still manually enter or edit any listings in e-Listings. You just have to mark it to NOT UPDATE according to what the MLS has. Here's how:
     1. On your listing page you'll find three settings at the top. The first setting is No Feed Updates. This makes your listing behave as if there was no automation. It will not be changed or removed automatically. This setting is good if you have a pre-market listing. Just remember- you have to manually update any changes such as price or photos  for this listing!
     2. What if the listing comes in automatically but you want to enhance it? You can do that too. Commonly, agents like to add photos or reorder them, to make the e-Listing's tour look better. With Update Data, No Photos, you can do just that. This setting tells our system to update any price changes and remove it once it's sold or pending but leave the photos alone.
    3. Lastly is what your default setting will be. Update Data and Photos. This is full automation. Whatever we see in the MLS is what will appear in e-Listings. If you make changes in the MLS, it will update in e-Listings. If you make changes in e-Listings however, these changes will be taken out and replaced by what is in the MLS. The same goes for status. Sold listings are removed and in some instances (depending on your office's settings) pending and under contract are removed also.
Here's what the buttons look like on the top of your listing page:
Remember if you enter anything directly into e-Listings you MUST change this to the appropriate setting so it doesn't get removed and your work is lost!
Don't see this setting? Then don't worry about losing your work! This means your office does not participate in automation or you have an individual plan.

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