Two Way Texting!

Alexander Graham Bell would be so proud if he could see all the amazing things we do with phones these days! Texting is no exception and Texting in Real Estate is a must! Here at e-Listings, we have two way texting that sends buyers property info via text and you the lead! So make sure you're with the times and let's get your two way texting up and running!
First: It's easy! In fact, you don't have to do anything if you don't want to. Every listing gets it's own system pin. It'll look something like this: E190886 and it'll be emailed to you when your listing gets entered. This will show up on all your products automatically. You can print off your flyers and leave them in a drop box, run a newspaper ad, take out a billboard ad, an airplane banner- whatever you can think of! But remember this code, belongs to the listing it was assigned to. You can't reuse it once the property sells.
But airplane banners are expensive? What if I want to reuse it? You may ask.
We've got that covered! You can opt to assign a reusable pin code. They look like this: E0100. All reusable pin codes start with an E0. That's how you know that they're safe to advertise on anything that you want to reuse later on. Such as that airplane banner, or more realistically, a yard sign or ongoing print ad.
Here's how to locate and assign pin codes:
Log into e-Listings and click on your Tools tab. Click Texting Codes. Your listings will pop up on this page with some options to the right of them. Here's what you'll see:
The "system pin" column is that first pin code that we talked about. It belongs to that listing only. Don't print this on your airplane banner! The "active pin" column, is just that: the pin that is active for this listing. The "pin code" column to the far right, is the one you want to pay attention to. Click in the drop down box, and you will find a reusable pin code. One that begins with E0. Select it, and click Update Pin Codes. Your "active pin" column will update to the new reusable code!
Sounds confusing but it's really easy, we promise!
Once you set your pin code, you're ready to advertise. E-Listings creates an HD Mobile Tour and delivers it straight to the buyer. You get the lead sent straight to your phone. To test it out as a buyer try our example: Text E0100 to 51004
What is 51004?
That's your short code. That is what buyers will text to. Anywhere you advertise, use "Text To 51004".
I need more codes?
No problem. We can add reusable codes into your account as you need them. Just let us know!
My airplane is in the shop, how can I just order some yard signs?
Yard signs are the easiest way to advertise and you can order them right on the Texting Page. Click Here for detailed steps and sign information!
How do I show this fancy texting stuff to my seller?
First- you're one smart agent to ask that! Demonstrating two way texting to a seller is a sure fire way to earn their business. Here's what we recommend doing: Use your Demo Flyer and have your seller text with you in the room. They'll receive your Demo listing. Make sure to have your phone handy because you'll receive the lead text. Show them how fast you'll be able to find interested buyers.


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