Try Our New Social Post Feature!

It's no secret that Social Media has become a great place to get listings noticed. At EXIT e-Listings, we highly recommend that all Realtors take advantage of this powerful technology. The one drawback to marketing on social media is that, while it can be easy to get eyes on your listing, it doesn't necessarily generate leads (unless buyers contact you directly). Thankfully, we've come up with a tool that combines our texting system with an easy-to-use content generator for posting. If you're looking for a quick way to get your listings onto social media (or if you just don't know where to get started), our new Social Post tool is just the thing to get your listings out there in a hurry!
Let's try it out! For this example, we will create a post image and then share it to our Facebook. The first thing that we need to do is open the listing we want to feature, so we will click on Listings, then Maintain Listings. Once there, we will click the "Add New Listing" button at the top to bring up the listing we already created.
Select Maintain Listings from the Listings Menu
Select listing to use Social Post Tool
With our listing pulled up, we should see the Social Post tool towards the bottom of the page.
Clicking the Social Post button opens the tool in a new window. With this tool, we can create several banner images to form a comprehensive campaign.
We're just about ten steps away from posting!
  1. Select one of our listing images to serve as the focus of our post image
  2. Select one of the options for the top text box to pre-fill text to go over our image, or write custom text
  3. Select one or several options for the bottom box to pre-fill text for the bottom, or write custom text
  4. Click Preview to see our additions in the window. Don't be afraid to get creative!
  5. Once we have something we like, we can click the Save button to move it into the Saved Images section.
  6. The Download icon gives us the option to save on our own computer in addition to saving in Saved Images.
  7. Once we think we have a winner, we can move over to the Saved Images section by clicking the arrow in the top-left corner.
  8. In the Saved Images section, we can switch between saved versions on the left.
  9. The link to our saved image shows up in the upper right corner. We want to highlight this link and right-click to copy. Now, off to Facebook!
  10. Once we paste our link into a new post, Facebook automatically retrieves the image and adds it to the post.
  11. Once our picture shows, we can erase the link and put our own text in to spruce it up. Hit the Post button in the bottom right corner and you're done!

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