Scene Based Videos

Scene Based Videos

By: Provisity


Want to get a little fancy with your listing video? Try scene based. A scene based video gives you the option to divide your video into individual scenes with up to 5 photos and 500 characters in each.


To create a Scene Based Video go to Listings and click the Scenes button for your listing.


To start click the + next to Create Scene. Enter your scene title, description, and photos. Any slides you created for your Instant Video will be available to use in your scenes as well.


You can rearrange photos by dragging each into the position you want. You can also choose the background music and preview each scene at the bottom of the page. Once your scene is up to snuff, click the Generate Scene button at the bottom of the page.

Follow these steps for each scene you want created.  Each created scene will then show at the bottom of the page. You can rearrange the scenes by dragging them into the order you prefer and save the video as a whole by clicking Generate Video.

Ideas for Scenes:

Scene based tours work best when each scene represents a room. You can title your scenes as such: Entryway, Living Room, Kitchen & Dining. If you have more than five photos for a single room, break it up into two scenes. The video will flow better and the audio and photos can be easier to match. Organize your scenes as if the viewer was walking through the property. It’ll make for a nice buyer experience and your seller will love it!


Don’t forget your audio! Same as your other videos, you can use Text to Speech (TTS), Record your Own, or Professional Audio.

TTS- this one’s easy. Any text you type in your description reads in your scene using Google’s Text to Speech. They sound pretty good and viewers really enjoy hearing about the property as they watch.

Record your Own- Got the voice of an angel? You can record your own audio by reading the script you type in. You just need a mic on your computer or device.

Professional Audio- Sellers love this one! Rev up your video with a professional recording. Read over your script and confirm your request and we’ll record your listing within 48 hours.


And there you have it! Your Scene Based Video is ready to share.


Why these Scene Based Videos are useful.

Scene based videos align audio and images, giving the viewer a room by room view of the home, as if they were walking through. Why not just shoot a video walkthrough then? Although video walkthroughs are pretty awesome, still photos do a really good job at capturing a property’s features and gives buyer’s more time to look at all the details. But hey- you can always have both!


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