Using your Unbranded Video

Unbranded Video 

By: Provisity


Even though some MLSs’ have started allowing Branded Tour URLs, many still require an Unbranded version. Therefore every listing in Provisity receives both a branded video and unbranded automatically.

Listing videos are located within the Listings tab and the Unbranded Video can be found there as well. Locate your listing and click the Video button to open the Video Editor.


Above the video, are options for Video Type and the Branded and Unbranded options. To switch these options, make your selection and click the pencil icon.  


The Unbranded Video is a copy of your Branded Video however removes all agent and office information from the finished product. Since there may be enhancements such as video slides or personal information in the script, you will be reminded to check for and remove these things before you post your Unbranded link in the MLS. Doing so will keep you in compliance with your MLS rules and avoid any fines.


If you do decide to change things around,The content of your video can be edited the same way as the Branded Video. See Creating your Listing Video for detailed instructions.

Any time you make a change, remember to click the Generate Video button at the bottom of the page. Listing Videos can be generated and regenerated as many times as it takes. Any changes you make later on, will instantly update, no matter where your video is being displayed.  


What makes sharing the Unbranded Video useful?

Each MLS has its own set of rules but most allow you to add a link, directing traffic (in this case buyers and buyers agents) to a product you control. In other words, adding your Unbranded Video link to your MLS gives the opportunity to send buyers to your own marketing. Further, your MLS might send your products to other third party Real Estate sites, ensuring your Provisity products reach the maximum amount of buyers.  


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