How do I enter a listing?

You can put up to 50 listings in your account. When you have a listing you would like to add go to the left hand side and click the Listings tab, then Maintain Listings. This will bring you to the entry page.

"Maintain Listings" is where to add, edit, or update listing information, upload photos, and create your listing websites and tours. After entering the property information, photos and and clicking Save Changes a narrated tour, listing website, property video, and print material are all created at once. Editing or updating a listing also updates all these products.

The first field "Status" allows you to select whether the listing is Active, Pending, Under Contract, Sold or Withdrawn. Choosing Sold or Withdrawn will disable all the products and remove them from any syndication.

Next type in the "Listing Number". This can be numbers or letters up to 15 characters. This is not required to be an MLS number however this is where you would add your MLS number once obtained.

Next enter the "Price". Do not use dollar signs, commas or periods as the system will insert them for you. Example: 495000

Now enter the number of "Bedrooms" and "Bathrooms". It isn't necessary to type in the words bed or bath. The system will do this for you. If there is a half bath, we recommend entering  it as .5. For land listings or commercial properties you may enter a non numeric description here such as "Wooded Lot" or just 0.

The "Location" field is for entering a subdivision, neighborhood, county or additional information other than the street address. If there is nothing additional to add, simply typing in the city will do.

The "Address" field is where to type in the street number and name. Be sure to enter the proper address and make sure it is spelled correctly. Mapping, satellite views,, MLS links and other features are activated from the address field.

Type the "City", "State" and "Zip Code". If in Canada, you can change the country accordingly and add the postal code into the Zip Code field. You can enter your state or province as an abbreviation.

Just under the zip code field are your "Bullets". These fields allow up to 30 characters and are for adding descriptive points about your listing. Examples for a listing page may include: "Hardwood Floors Throughout!" or "Quiet Subdivision". Square footage and school district information are also useful for these fields. Your bullet points will show on your online magazines as well as print material, and listing websites.

"Overlay" is an optional field that can be used to highlight additional information such as a price reduction, under contract, priced to sell, etc. This field will show on the top of your tour briefly as it begins.

"Flyer Title" places a short title at the top of your flyer pages to use for print or within an online magazine. Examples include: "Charming Home" or "Come and See!"

"Open House Info"  Enter the time and date of your open house and it will appear on the tour, website, flyers, etc. Once your open house has passed, it will automatically be removed.

Agent and Number are next. The agent field will only have your name as an option unless you are an office administrator entering listings on an office level. (For administrators, you can select who the listing belongs to here). You can also select a featured phone number to appear however most products automatically show phone 1 and 2 which is your office and cell.
You will also see ions marked E Tour Settings and Property Video Settings. You won't need these yet but will after you enter the listing. At the bottom of this help document are guides to explain these settings.

Uploading and Arranging Photos

For the highest quality products we recommend using jpg photos that are 1600 by 1200 in size and no less than 800 by 600. Image quality will diminish and photos may appear blurry when using images smaller than the recommended dimensions. Larger photos will take longer to upload and may stall your browser. To avoid this from happening and losing any work, please consider resizing larger photos before uploading.

You will need at least 10 photos for the products to generate. If you don't have 10 that's okay as the system will fill in any blank spots with a copy of your first photo. You can always replace these later on.
To upload listing photos look for the  "Upload Featured Photos" section on the Maintain Listings page. Click "browse" or "Choose File" and find your photo on your computer. You can upload up to 12 photos on the main page.

After uploading the first 12 photos you can re-order photos by selecting each and dragging into a new order. Drag the images below the trash can to delete. Keep in mind that the system will not let you delete the minimum 10 photos.

After filling in the listing information, uploading the first 12 photos, and clicking "Save Changes" another icon will appear below the Upload Photos section. This will be titled "Upload Additional Photos". Chose this and you can add more, 9 at a time.

Adding Narration

"Comments"-  The comments section is for a paragraph description of your listing. You want to double check your spelling and punctuation here as it will be displayed on the tour, website, some print material, and sent out to any selected syndication sites.

"Edit Script"- Type a script here for the text to speech to read. You'll notice the box is red when you begin. If you chose the 30 second length, the edit script box will turn white when you reach approximately 30 seconds of narration. Likewise with the 60 second tour length. If your script is too short or too long, the box will remain red. Note that if you copy/paste text into this box, it may not trigger the color to change. In this case, just disregard the red box and pay attention to the counter below. Remember, these lengths are only approximate and do not have to be exact in order for your products to work.

"Text to Speech" or TTS is an amazing technology but it can't pronounce every word and phrase correctly. Please check spelling carefully and be sure to preview your narration by clicking the speaker icon below the box (this icon will show once the listing has been saved). If you are having difficulty with a certain word, you can try and trick the TTS voice by adding a space to compound words or spelling out phonetically. For instance you might try typing Cul-de-sac as "Cold-a- sack" or fireplace as "fire place" Punctuation such as commas help regulate the speed and you can take use of our Synthesized speech tips below the script box as well.

There are 4 voices to choose from and each speak a little differently so please pick a voice you like first, then make any edits afterward. If you decide you just don't care for text to speech you can record your own voice through our "Record Narration" option under the Listings tab. To really impress your client- try using our professional audio that can be purchased through an icon that will show once you save your listing.

Final Step

After you have completed the fields click "Save Changes" on the main listing page. It make take a few minutes to save all your listing information. A blue bar will scroll across the top of the page and tell you when it is successfully saved. Do not navigate away from the page until the system tells you it has saved your listing otherwise your information will be lost. You can save as you go by entering in the basic information filling in listing #, price, location, at least one bullet, and at least one photo. You can always add more later.

You have now created your listing within the system and it is ready for use. You can preview your tour by clicking on the E Tour icon located to the left under your photos. You will also receive an email containing the links to your tour, website, etc. You may choose to forward this onto your seller. You can also check out our "E Tour Settings" guide to learn how to fine tune the settings for your tour and add additional features such as QR Codes and Lead Generation. Property Video Settings is also available to modify and/or resend a video to your YouTube channel

If you have sites that we are syndicating to, your listing will push out every 24 hours once it is entered. This assures any updates such as price changes to always go out. Sites take on average 48 to 72 hours to begin posting your listing.

Please note that syndication is a free service and is not guaranteed by the site we feed to. To maximize your listings exposure, please check out our other help documents such as "Syndication Pointers", "Post to Social Media", or "Upload to YouTube" to learn more ways to get your listing out on the internet and into a potential buyers sight!




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