How can I order signs for my Two Way Texting?

EXIT e-Listings is connected with the good folks at Oakley Signs to bring you an easy way to order high quality signs and keep the cost low. Can't beat that! Here's how to get your signs:

Log into e-Listings and click on your Tools tab. Click Texting Codes. You'll see your Listings and below some info about pins. Then, what you've been searching for: the sign order form! Here's what you'll see:
First: Select how many signs you want. Remember they're all reusable!
Second: What type of material would you prefer? Here's some more information on the three types of material we offer.
Don't worry about the Pin Codes. Our system knows to give you new and separate pin codes on each sign

Now, Continue Sign Order... you're almost done! You'll get an overview of your order. Just double check to make sure it all looks good
Third: Click to Pay and you'll see your total along with a place to enter your shipping address. We'll take it from there!
Remember that your signs are unique to you. They are printed upon order so it takes about two days to get them shipped. Once they're on the way, you'll get a tracking email so you'll know right when they land at your door!
Want to learn a little more about how these signs work before buying? Click here! We'll tell you all about it!

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