E Tour Settings

 E Tour Settings is located directly above the photo upload area on your listings page. It has an orange E. Click this icon and a drop down box will appear with settings for controlling how your narrated tour is displayed along with other features. It isn't necessary to adjust these settings in order to build a tour. You can however choose various tour styles and alter tour features. The following settings are available:

Type of E Tour to Display- There are two main e-tour types that we recommend using: HD and HD Scene. The HD scene based tour allows you to create a tour with audio narration matching your photos. As the name implies, users can create up to 16 scenes, typing specific scripts for selected photos. To learn more on how to create a scene based tour please check out our "Scene Based Tour" help article.
                If an HD tour is selected the you will see a couple more options.
                Motion- This allows you to decide if you want the photos to pan or not during the tour.
                Tour Video- If you have an outside video link that you would like to incorporate into your tour, you can add it here. An option to paste the link, title it, and to use it on branded/unbranded are available.

Weather- Select Display or Hide for local weather to display on your tour.

View- You can choose whether a tour will launch with the bottom panel (that displays agent and property information) expanded or collapsed. When viewing the tour you can also click to expand and collapse as you watch.

Leads- Here you can activate your e-lead. E-lead will prompt a prospective buyer to enter their email, name, phone, and zip or postal code before watching the tour. The data entered is then stored in the system under the listings tab for your review. This feature can be activated for the tour, website, or both. You can learn more about our lead generation avenues by searching Lead Generation in our knowledge base.

Show- Choose whether the listing number, address, map, location field, city and sate, will be displayed on the narrated tour. Generally these will all remain set to Yes unless requested by the seller.

Display- Not ready for your listing to syndicate to the public or working on a demo? You can change this field to "no" and rest assured that the listing you are entering won't go anywhere without your say so.

Status- You can use status to disable the tour. When anyone clicks on a link to the tour, it will not play but state "Invalid or Outdated Tour". This function can be used to quickly deactivate the tour without completely removing it from the system.

Details- This allows you to display information from the comments field or script. The default will be "Comments" as this is usually what you want people to be able to see and read through.

Audio- The TTS voice will read what you have typed into the script, comments, or bullets. You can choose which here (it will always play a personal recording or script otherwise) or No Narration if you prefer music only.

Audio/Details- For your unbranded tour to be used in your MLS, no narration is the default setting. This is in case you have personal information such as your name or phone number that may be against your MLS guidelines. You can however adjust your unbranded tour to play Human Audio, Comments, or Bullets.
Music- By default the system will randomly select a different music piece each time a tour is viewed. You can specify a certain piece here to play each time if you choose. Or "None" if you prefer no music on your products.

Hits- The system displays the number of times a tour is viewed on the lower right hand side of the tour. This is visible to the public. If you wish to turn the hit counter off select "Hide Hits"

After you save your listing for the first time you will notice a few more options under E Tour Settings- Offline, QR Images, and Realtor.com

QR Codes- You can select to have a QR code show on your tour, listing website, and/or flyers. On a tour or website someone may choose to scan the listing to save on their phone and pull up later. On a flyer the QR code is a great way to send people to the mobile website. To select all three (tour, website, flyer) just hold down ctrl and select within the box.

Realtor.com- You can request your tour be posted to Realtor.com here. You must contact us via chat or phone if you do not have a subscription with Realtor.com after you have requested this. Otherwise your tour will not post. If you have a subscription with Realtor.com you can disregard this section and have your listings post automatically through our syndication options.

Remember to always click "Save E Tour Settings Only" anytime you make a change to one of these settings. This will assure your products stay up to date.

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