QR Codes

Quick Response or "QR Codes" are popping up everywhere and real estate is no exception. The system automatically generates a QR code for each of your listings that leads to a mobile compatible listing website. Codes can be instantly displayed on print material, tours, listings websites, and other products. QR codes can also be placed on texting rider signs to allow quick scanning for property information. You can also create your own QR codes to point to any URL such as your personal website. Below are how to find these features.

To activate QR codes to show on your tour, listing website, and/or flyers click on the Listings tab to the left of your screen, Maintain Listings, and select a listing from the "Add New Listing drop down box. Then scroll to E Tour Settings.

Click to expand your settings options and locate the QR section toward the bottom of the box. You can select one or all of the listed products to have your QR codes displayed on. Then "Save E Tour Settings Only"

If you would like to download your QR code for advertising purposes:

Go to Tools and select Links, and then click the Listings tab. Select your listing and scroll down to the QR Code area. Choose a size (we recommend "Large" or "X-Large" for a newspaper or magazine ad" and click Generate to download the image to your computer.

Here you can also create your personal QR Codes in the "Custom QR Image" field. Just paste in a link, text, or a number (to launch a text prompt when code is scanned).

Two Way Texting signs with reusable codes can be ordered through our website as well just by going to Tools, then Texting Codes. An online order form will be waiting for you there.
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