How do I post to Craigslist?

If Craigslist is popular in your area you probably already know that posting an ad there will greatly increase traffic to your listing. Automated posting to Craigslist is prohibited by their terms of use therefore we have a couple ways to post your listings on their site.

We recommend creating ads manually to avoid any ghosting or flagging on Craigslist. To manually create an ad using our products click on the Tools tab to the left, then Links. There choose the Listings tab at the top and select your listing you wish to create the ad for. This will display your listing products. Scroll down to the "" option. To the right of this option are two icons. Click the blue E and it will take you straight to Craigslist. You will notice a "Text/Images" icon that will remain on your screen till you are ready to post your ad.

Log onto your account and go to your designated ad location. Most agents choose "Housing Offered" then "Real Estate by Broker",  Once on the posting page, fill in the various fields such as "posting title" then click the "Text/Images" icon to expand your listing details. Copy your text from the box and paste it into the body of the ad.

Want to add photos?
When you are finished with the ad description and fields click continue to move on. You can use our download icon to save the first four images of your listing, plus a QR code to your computer. Make sure you know where they are being saved. You may choose to save them on your desktop if this is easier. Once you have the images saved you can upload them into the areas provided by Craigslist.

When finished click "Done with Images", preview your work, and click Publish. Your ad is complete! Please note that a link to the tour is included in your Craigslist ad so that tracking hits is still available through our Reporting feature.


Alternatively, you may choose a quicker route by using our embeddable flyer. With the flyer, listing photos, description, and links to the tour and website automatically appear within the ad. Unfortunately quicker isn't always better though so please note that as Craigslist modifies it's limitations on what is allowed to be posted, ads that contain html, such as our embeddable flyer can be (with no discretion on our end) ghosted. When an ad is ghosted, although you receive the link to the ad and it is active, Craigslist will not publish the ad in their search results. To continue with this option:

On the same page you locate your listing products you will see "Embeddable Flyer". Copy the code in the box. When you click in the box it will highlight blue ensuring you that the entire code is selected.

Now go to Craiglist and login. Choose your category to post in and open your new ad. Fill in the various fields and paste the code or "embeddable flyer" directly into the Posting Description box. Make sure not to edit the code. Then click Continue. You can bypass the photo upload section as your flyer will automatically display images of the listing. Preview your listing then click Publish to complete.

How do I know know people are finding my listing on Craigslist?

Both options of posting described above supply your Craigslist ad with a link to the listing e-tour. Anytime someone clicks on the tour through your Craigslist ad, it will be tracked through our Reporting feature. To keep your Craigslist ad up to date you may choose to re-post to Craigslist every week or so. Just be mindful of their rules and regulations specific to your area that may limit the amount of posting you do in a given time.

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