How do I advertise my listing on the internet once I enter it?

Once you save your listing an email is sent to you containing all the product links such as the tour and listing website. You may choose to send this on to your seller.
We recommend advertising on as many sites that buyers may visit- Real Estate search engines, social media sites, email, YouTube, personal and office website, etc.
E-Listings syndicates your listings' automatically to Zillow, Trulia, and Additionally some of these sites will further syndicate to places such as HotPads and HomeFinder.
It's important to know however that in the fast paced world of real estate marketing, mergers and agreements take place between these large companies often. We cannot guarantee that our feed will make it to all these sites each time. If an agreement exists between your MLS, office, or another tour provider, there is a chance their data will take priority. We highly recommend opening accounts with any of these sites that allow for it (many are free) and manage your listings from within each individual site.
As a realtor it is your responsibility to make sure your listings are saturating the online market. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to accomplish just that! Once a listing is entered onto e-Listings, it takes about 48 to 72 hours to start popping up on the sites listed above. If you do not see your listing on these sites, please look through our syndication pointers, check to make sure there is no outside agreement with these sites, feel free to contact us, or you may always post the listing yourself. Remember that most of these sites offer free accounts.

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