Setting up my Agent Page

 Setting up your agent page is very important and our recommended first step. You can access this page by clicking the Agents tab, then Maintain Agents. Some of your information will be preloaded as it is carried over by MEMO. You will want to double check your information and make any necessary corrections.

Most fields are self explanatory- name, phone, email. Below are a few pointers as you set up your page.

Agent Photo- You can add your photo underneath the name fields. Click "browse" or "choose file" and select your photo. It will show at the upper left once you save.

Phone Fields- Make sure phone 2 contains your cell. This field receives all text leads and you want to make sure you get those! You can leave phone 1 and 3 blank, if you do not wish any other numbers to show on your products. You can select a Featured Number but remember that some products will still display more than one number.

Receive SMS- This allows you to turn off the text feature if you do not want to receive text messages. Please remember that you will only receive text leads from us when a prospective buyer scans a product. We will not send pesky texts regarding other services.

Bullets- There are five bullet point fields designed to type descriptive points about yourself. You can enter highlights about yourself such as "10 Years in Real Estate" or "Life Long Resident of Jackson"

URL- Is for your personal website if you have one.

Email- You know what to enter here!

Spotlight URL- This field will be the short video that is built when you click Save Changes. Once you save, a link will be available that you can use. To preview your spotlight at any time- click on "Movie Clip" located under your photo to the upper left.

Default Flyer- Flyers are attached to your listing website. We offer a number of templates. You can choose one here. If you want to preview these templates first, you can do so after you enter your first listing.

Agent Bio and Script- A small paragraph can be typed here about yourself. This will be read on your spotlight video. No one can see this paragraph, only hear. However if our Text to Speech voice isn't saying something correctly, you may copy and paste your paragraph into the script box. There you can spell phonetically and use the speech tips. Speech tips are located below the red script box. Make sure to limit your bio to 600 characters or less.

Syndication- You don't want to miss this section! Here you can check which sites you want us to send your listings to. Most agents will opt for all but Zillow and Trulia are most important as they will then syndicate out to a number of sub-sites. We send all tours to now too! You no longer need a paid account with for your tour to attach to the listing. Just make sure you have all information correct (address, zip code, ect) to ensure your tour is accepted.  You may also enter in your YouTube username and password to have your videos automatically uploaded into your YouTube account.
It's important to know however that in the fast paced world of real estate marketing, mergers and agreements take place between these large companies often. We cannot guarantee that our feed will make it to all these sites each time. If an agreement exists between your MLS, office, or another tour provider, there is a chance their data will take priority.

When all your data is entered and up to date just click one of the Save Changes buttons located at the top and bottom of your screen. Once saved you can preview your Movie Clip to the top left and are ready to enter your listings. If you already have listings entered, all the information you just entered will apply to all existing products.


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