Scene Based Tour

To create a listing presentation for your seller so that the photos are aligned with the narration, the scene based tour is the way to go. HD scene based tours are compatible with mobile devices and up to date on all browser types. Keep in mind that for sites like YouTube- your property video will play. You need to set up your property video first before making your scene based tours. We'll start there...


Property Video-

 Your property video is the first 25 photos and your narration that you type on the Maintain Listings page. The script that you type in the red box will play as the first 25 photos show.

It is important to complete these steps and have your photos aligned on the main page exactly how you want them to play on your video before creating a scene based tour. Once you create your scene based tour you do not want to move any photos or upload new photos since it will change the order in the tour. We’ll explain further in a bit.

Scene Based Tour-

 A scene based tour is easy to create and takes just a few extra steps. Before you start, make sure you have all the photos that you’ll need, uploaded into the system and arranged how you want them to show on that property video. Once that is complete you can start your scenes. To start click E Tour Settings on your listing page- it’s located above the upload photos section and has an orange E.

A section will expand under E Tour Settings and you’ll see a field marked E-Tour. It defaults to HD Tour.. Change it to HD Scene then click “Save E Tour Settings Only” You’ll need to click back on the orange E and expand E Tour Settings once more. Now you’ll see your scene editor.


Creating Scenes-

Click your scene editor and a new window will open. It will begin on scene one. There are two columns to your right. The furthest column (the right column) is where you want to drop the photos to play in that scene. The left column is your inventory. Scene one will always auto fill five photos in the right column, you can drag those out and put others in just by clicking the photo, dragging and dropping.

Scene Title may follow the theme of the scene. For instance: "Front of Home" or "Living Room".

The scene script is for typing what you want to say about the photos in the right column. 

You can choose from one of three TTS voices or record your own narration by clicking the Audio tab at the top right (make sure you save your scene first). When recording your own audio, you can still type what you want to say in the script box. People watching your tour can read this and it gives you something to go by when recording your own voice.

Transition time can be either 2 or 4 seconds. This is simply the time between photos in a scene.

Lastly, is the option for image times. By default each photo gets equal time divided between the amount of narration. This is the recommended setting to use. However, you can set each photo to get specific timing.

        Hint* If you use "all photos get equal time", pay attention to the timer that will show underneath the play button (after you save your narration). It signifies how many seconds of narration you have. If you have 10 seconds, make sure you don't add too many photos in that scene, allowing time for each photo to play.


Here's an example of what a completed scene will look like:


Once you have your first scene created, just save and move on to Scene 2 (at the top of the page). Scenes generally are set up room by room. For example, scene one may be the front of the home, scene two, the entry way or living room, scene three, the kitchen, and so on. If rooms are very large or much is to say about a room, you may try splitting it up into more than one scene. This will help your timing. We recommend no more than 4 to 5 photos per scene for better timing but you can be as creative as you want with the scene based tours!

Here's is an example of a finished scene and tour-







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