Demo Listing Pacakage

Need a good way to show a potential client what you can offer through e-listings? We have great listing presentation flyers you can take along with you and now you can have your own demo listing deposited right into your account with just a couple clicks.
You will find a Demonstration listing in your inventory when you sign up. An email will be sent to you with the product links, including tour and website. It will also be available by clicking Listings, Search Listings, and type in Demo. The listing is automatically built with your information, high resolution photos, and your office's address so the mapping features will work well. However, you can edit this listing to entail exactly what you want.
A demo listing is a great way to show a potential client exactly how you will showcase their home. If you are familiar with our two way texting, assigning a code to this listing is another great way to give the client insight on how quickly their listing will be promoted and how easily you gain leads for them.
If you are a new agent, the demo listing will be waiting for you upon sign up. If you ever need to add another Demo just click "Import Demo" located at the top of any listing page. If you ever delete the listing by accident, don't worry- just follow the steps above to import again. Just keep in mind that deleting and re-importing will generate new links and require a new texting code setup.
So go ahead and give it a try and happy presenting!

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