Set Up a Youtube Channel

For new users to Google Plus or YouTube, you may need to set up a channel before we can upload your videos into your new account.
To begin: log onto your new YouTube account by going to
You may be asked first to verify your Identity. Do so, and continue to "Set up your Channel on YouTube"
On this step, we recommend choosing to use your channel as a "business or other name" to ensure the public is directed to your Real Estate videos only.
On the next step, type your channel name such as "Patricia's Listings" or "Real Estate by John". Choose a category such as "Company, Institution or Organization". Agree to the Page Terms, then Done.
Your Youtube Channel is complete and ready for us to upload your listing videos. You may choose to continue with YouTube's "Take a Tour of your New Channel" option that will display to the top right of your page. This will allow further customization of your channel.

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