Syndication Pointers

E-Listings syndicates your listings' automatically to Zillow, Trulia, and ( requires paid account). Additionally some of these sites will further syndicate to places such as and
It's important to know however that in the fast paced world of real estate marketing, mergers and agreements take place between these large companies often. We cannot guarantee that our feed will make it to all these sites each time. If an agreement exists between your MLS, office, or another tour provider, there is a chance their data will take priority.
Some factors to take in consideration when entering a listing and to maximize the chances of it getting posted to the various websites:
1. Make sure that all data is accurate (price, address, city, state).
2. Make sure to enter a legitimate price (Sites will likely reject a listing entered at $1)
3. Put numeric entries only in the bed/bath fields. Sites are looking for legitimacy so if "Great Deal" is entered in the bath field, it will probably be rejected. If it is a land listing, try entering 0 into these fields. *Note: Not all sites will take land listings
4. You can enter anything into the listing # field but you may have better luck entering a # that resembles an MLS #. Some sites look at this, some do not. For instance, entering 123456, may help get it posted.
5. In the state field, it is not necessary to spell out your states name, simply the abbreviations will do.
6. Always make sure to contain some information in the Comments field located on your listing page. the listing will not syndicate if this box is left empty.
7. It is important for all the fields mentioned above to contain information. The listing will be rejected if the fields above (bed/bath/city/state/etc) are empty.

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