Lead Generation

Just about every e-Listings product prominently displays a text message number, inviting buyers to text for more information. These products include listing websites, virtual tours, videos, property flyers, text lead signs, and much more. Listing agents instantly receive the buyers contact information, opening a simple method of communication between agent and buyer.
Capture Leads from Print Material
Leave flyers in a drop box by the curb or on the counter during an open house and buyers can use the two way texting to receive up to date information on the property. To locate and print your lead generation flyers Click Here and use the Lead Generation category. 
Capture Leads from Yard Signs
The most popular lead generation tool and one that gains the most leads is our Two Way Texting. Two Way Texing delivers listing data right to the buyers hands and you get their number sent right to yours. Signs can be purchased through our website and are the most efficient way to use this tool. Click Here to learn more about how to order signs, and use this powerful feature
Capture Leads from Tour and Listing Website
In the E-Tour Settings section on your Listing page is an area where you can opt to capture leads off online products. With this feature, someone who clicks to watch the tour will have to first enter their name, phone, email, and zip code before continuing. This is a "per listing" feature which means you can turn it on or off at your discretion. Here's what a buyer will see:
All leads for this part of the system are conveniently tracked within e-Listings under Listings > Lead Generation.

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