How can I preview my tour?

After your listing is saved in the system you can preview what you've created in many places. The quickest spot to preview and go back and make any needed edits is right on the same page you entered the listing. To the left hand side you will see your photos. Scroll below these to the icons marked: Report, E-Tour, Property Video, and Print Material. Click E-Tour to watch.
E-Tour Settings also has your tour link as well as the unbranded tour and your listing website. To access these look in the middle of your page for E-Tour Settings. You can copy these links to use on other sites or click the preview icon to the right of each url.
Every time you enter a listing, when you first save, an email is sent to you with all the product links as well. You may preview all your products within this email and forward onto your seller if you choose to.
Finally, under the Tools tab you may go to E-Tours to see a full inventory or Links to access all listing products.

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