HD Tours and HD Mobile

There are six tour styles available under E Tour Settings . We recommend using our most up to date tours- HD Tour and HD Scene. Look for the E-Tour field and select one of the HD styles.
Got a listing that is still set to an older style? Changing to HD instantly updates your mobile tour to to HD allowing for easier viewing and more content! This applies to all those scene based tours that previously weren't compatible with phones and tablets. Just make sure to select HD.
Please note* If you have an existing scene based tour in the old style you can easily switch it to the new HD Scene and all your information will carry over, no problem.
Newer clients likely have their default tour already set to the HD Tour and may not need to make any changes. If you see your tour style still defaults to enhanced and you want to change this, just give us a ring at 888-882-1259 and we can make that change!

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