Automatic Upload to YouTube

 Have your listings' property video's automatically uploaded to your YouTube account in 3 easy steps!
1. Go to Agents, Maintain Agents. Scroll down to the syndication section and locate the YouTube icon.
2. Click the YouTube icon to be redirected to your YouTube account. If not logged in, do so now. You will then see a page asking you to accept Showcase Technologies to post videos onto your account. Click the Accept button.
    *Please Note- If there are multiple channels that you manage under a single account, before you     hit Accept, make sure to choose the channel you want your videos to upload to.
3. You will then be redirected back to your agent page and will see a "Synced message"
If you need a video refreshed on YouTube go to your Listing page. Scroll to Property Video Settings and look for the "YouTube" field. It will be set to "Retain". Mark this "Refresh" and Save Property Video Settings Only.
Your video will now be re-entered into the queue to be upload and replace what is currently in your account.

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