Record Personal Audio

We offer two different "text to speech" or TTS voices for you to choose from in narrating your tours and videos. But if you prefer to use your own voice on your products just follow the steps below.
Due to recent browser updates you might find this process works best in Firefox. 
To record audio for any tour other than scene based go to the Listings then Record Narration.
On this page, select the listing you wish to record for. Your comments and script will appear for you to read from if you wish.
Below you'll see a red button prompting you to record. Click the recording button. Make sure to select "Allow e-Listings to access to your recording device" and begin
You may at any point pause your recording and start back up. When finished, click the Stop icon.
You can now listen to your audio by clicking the green Play arrow. You can re-record by clicking "Record Again".

When ready, Save. Your audio will encode then redirect you to your Listing page, please wait for this to take place. Once back on your listings page you will see an Audio Field located at the top. Change this field from "Don't Use" to "All Products" and save your changes
For Scene Based Tours, the process of recording is the same however you will record separately for each scene and access the recording prompts from within your scene editor. To record for Scene One: Go to Scene One in the editor, then click the Audio tab to the top right. Likewise with your other scenes. To record for Scene Two, click on Scene Two then the Audio tab. Record, and save the scene. Continue until you have recorded your audio for each scene.

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