Listing Presentation Flyer

Need a good way to show a potential client why you're the one to sell their home? Try one of our presentation flyers!
EXIT e-Listings automatically generates flyers that showcase each product and explains what you'll do for them as their Realtor®. Outlined specifically for you, it will contain your name and contact information. 
To locate your listing presentation flyer just go to Listings, Maintain Listings and select any one of your listings from the drop down box. Scroll down the left hand side past your photos and select Print Material:


Click to open a new window where you can locate flyer. Click the + and then select Presentations. Three templates are available to choose from. Just click one, wait for the flyer to open, and print

          *Note: The template opens in the form of a pdf that can take some time to open. If you have difficulty opening the flyer, try closing out any other programs and/or restarting your browser. If you still have difficulty go to to get the latest version of Adobe Reader.



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