Professional Narration Recording

All your listings get instant narration with our text to speech service and we like to think our little robots sound pretty good. However nothing makes your tour shine like a professional voice reading your narration. With just a few clicks, we can record professional human audio that will automatically attach to your tour and video within 48 hours. Go ahead and try it- we dare you to impress your clients even more!
Here's How-
    Once you enter and save your listing, scroll to the script section and you will see the option to purchase human audio:
It's that simple. Just click to pay and we'll take it from there. Your tour will be professionally narrated within 48 hours.
There are a few things you will want to square away before you buy your audio:
First- make sure your script is ready to go. We will do our best to record your audio exactly as you type it so take a moment to read it to yourself.
Second- we don't always know how to pronounce those tricky city names and streets so if a word is commonly misspoken- spell it phonetically. The red box doesn't show up anywhere for the public to read.
Lastly- your audio can contain up to 1000 characters which is about one minute of audio. We like to keep our audio guys happy so please keep it at this length. It makes for a better tour that loads quickly and gives the buyer just the right amount of information.
Please note that we do not record human audio for scene based tours. Scripts must be within 60 seconds long or about 1000 characters. If you do not like your recording you are given one do over as long we are contacted within 5 days of the original recording. However we think you will be very happy with your new professionally narrated tour! To listen to an example- click here!

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