Property Video Settings

Each one of your listings received a property video in addition to the other link based products like the tour. A video can be uploaded to many real estate search engines such as and is a useful tool on YouTube, helping generate SEO. We can upload your videos to YouTube for you, if you haven't set this feature up, click here to learn how.
There are a few settings you can control for your videos. First, we will by default generate your video to not include the "Price" of a listing. Since videos do not update as soon as a change is made, this will prevent your video out dating too quickly. But if you stay on top of your marketing and want to include the price, the setting is there for you.
Next is "Narration". Your narration is automatically included in the video but if you'd like to turn it off, so that the video only plays music and photos, you can do so.
Once your listing is saved and video generated, you'll have the option to "Refresh" a video on YouTube. In the event of a price change, photo update, script change and you want to update the video on YouTube, just select Refresh. A new video will be generated and sent to your YouTube channel within an hour or two. 
Remember after each one of these changes to click Save Property Video Settings.

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