How can I track who is watching my virtual tours?

Capture Leads from Tour and Listing Website
In the E-Tour Settings section on your Listing page you can select to capture leads through your tour and listing website. With this feature, someone who clicks to watch the tour will be prompted to first enter their name, phone, email, and zip code before continuing. This is a "per listing" feature which means you can turn it on or off at your discretion. Here's what a buyer will see:
Tracking Where Buyers are Viewing Tours and Listings Websites
Lead Generation tracks who sees your listings. Reporting tracks where. Knowing where your listing websites and tours are being viewed is important so you can effectively market your listings in the right areas. We recommend advertising on as many sites that buyers may visit- Real Estate search engines, social media sites, email, YouTube, personal and office website, etc.
Listing reports deliver statistics and analytical data that let you and your seller know your marketing campaign is working. View how many times each of the listing websites or virtual tours was accessed by day, week, month or year.  Track how many text messages have been sent, how many calls have been received, how many QR codes have been scanned and more. In many cases, E-Listings even tracks which website potential buyers were on when they accessed a particular product.  Automated sellers reports can easily be scheduled and emailed, letting the seller know their listing is being heavily promoted. Share your products on as many sites you see fit and you may see similar results as the example report below:

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