Tell me how to use a flyer to generate leads?

Print material remains to be a great way for an interested buyer to learn about your properties. Having a drop box in the yard and handing out flyers at an open house can spark the interest of buyers and maintain that interest. But how can you take a traditional flyer and tie it to modern marketing? Enter your lead generating flyer! Here's how it works-
Each lead generation flyer comes equipped with Two Way Texting. We purposely leave some information off such as the price, so a buyer is more likely to text. When they do, they receive the mobile website and tour and you get the lead sent right to your phone and email. Find these flyers by going to the Print Material section on your listing page and looking in the Lead Generation category. Click Here to see an example.
Remember- all flyers are now customizable. You can add the price, change the photos, update the text, however you want them!

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