Easily Share on Social Media

Social Media has become an essential tools for businesses to compete and succeed in the marketplace. Real Estate is no exception. When polled, 55% of real estate agents said they were comfortable using social media networks and 26% were somewhat comfortable. Only 10% were uncomfortable and 9% didn't use social media at all (statistic courtesy of REAU.COM, 2015)
Where do you lie in the comfort zone?
We make it easy to share your products as soon as they are created. Here's a couple ways how:
Share From your Mobile Device
Your new listing has been entered and waiting in your inbox. Click the tour link from the email to preview and while you're there share it via the icons at the bottom of your screen. Overtime, your tours will learn which sites you share to most often and offer these first.
Share From you Desktop
There are a few ways to share from within the e-Listings system, you can still use the Share button on the Tools page but we recommend sharing directly from your tour. This gives you the opportunity to preview your product before you send it out. Open your tour to preview, on the right hand side, are the social media buttons, allowing you to quickly share your tour.

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