Customize your Flyers!

You may have noticed a new feature under your print material icon the last time you went to print a flyer. Now instead of just open and print, you can edit the content on your flyer. Flyers will automatically use the data that you have entered on your listings page. Photos, bullet points, and comments can all be found on your flyers ready to print. However now you can change photo order, edit bullet points, even change your agent information without effecting the tour or listing website.
To use this new feature just access your Print Material as usual, click on the flyer of your choice and select Customize. This will open your flyer in an editable form. Just click on the section you want to change and the option to do so will appear. You can change it around as many times as you like and it will automatically save for every time. Anytime you open up the flyer, it's just the way you left it. Plus, your changes will show throughout all the other products such as the magazines!
Further instructions are available on the editing page itself, including a reset button that will revert your flyer back to it's original layout.
Please note that some information on flyers such as office logos and agent photos cannot be edited from this section. To change this information just give our Live Help a ring and we'll show you how.