Why a Good Tour is Still Important

It's no secret that real estate giants like Zillow and Realtor.com are the leading source for those starting out the home buying process. It's also no secret that having a presence there is a must. But what about the good ole' virtual tour? Do you really need one anymore?
Let's talk about virtual tours for a moment: For a tour to be effective, it has to reach buyers. For a buyer to watch a tour, they have to be able to find it, right? But they're practically hidden on Zillow and Trulia now and barely noticeable on Realtor.com. These big sites don't want visitors clicking away from their site and possibly never coming back. So what good is a tour if no one can find them on these big search engines? What's their worth, if they aren't being viewed thousands of times like Zillow and Trulia are?
Well, the tour might not get thousands of hits. But a tour is a custom product that you create, just for the seller. It's a place where you control the content and present the home in a much stronger way than any of these search engines can.
Think of it from the seller's point of view: Seller wants their listing on every site you can manage to get it on. Of course they do. But seller also wants their home represented in a way that sets it apart from every other house on the market. Enter: the virtual tour. Give your seller a link that displays their home with large photos, narration, music, and all the details they could ask for. Now take this link and splash it across the internet. Tour links can be posted to social media, they're searchable through Google. They even go beyond the online market and can easily be advertised on signs and flyers through texting (which generates leads by the way!) Now seller knows that you are taking the time to go above and beyond, in creating a tour, that although might not get those thousands of hits that Zillow does, but it gets the most qualified hits. Buyers that are seriously interested.
But how do we know buyers are interested? Let's think from their perspective for a moment: Buyers may start out on a big search engine, but they quickly move local when the search gets serious. Buyers drive through neighborhoods (get those signs ready). Buyers visit open houses (have your flyers printed?). Buyers are on Facebook- If a home pops up on their news feed "Fresh to Market!" or "Priced Reduced" they might see it there first. A tour that's branded to you, is a great way to open the door to that buyer. If a buyer is interested in a home, they're going to seek out additional info and photos. Your tour will give them just that.
So take the extra step, go the distance for both seller and buyer, and create a tour that shows you're dedicated to selling their home and creating a better online presentation.
Why an e-Listings tour? E-Listings' tours are different in that- it's not just a tour. You get all streams of advertising with e-Listings. You need a tour, you need flyers, you need LEADS, you need ways to advertise it all. We do it all at once. E-Listings tours offer that custom touch too. Listening about a property while watching the correlating photos, is a sure fire way to wow a seller and entice a buyer. Our tours can be narrated with text to speech or professional audio. They're big and fun to watch. Photos are probably the most important part of any real estate ad. Our tours allow for large, high quality photos and can be watched from any device. Our tours are all set up with lead generation. It's much easier to advertise a "Text To" ad than it is a long link. All e-Listings tours get a two way texting number that generates a lead for you and sends the tour to the buyer. 
We aren't your bargain bin tour. We're out to impress your client while saving you time and money.