ProTips for New Agents!

  Often times we get asked how Provisity can help the new agent. Getting a foothold in the local market can be challenging for new agents. There are tons of advice articles online explaining what to do: volunteer within your community, create a strong social media presence, work open houses. Where does one even start? And, what do you do when you finally meet that potential client?        

We totally agree with the internet, all those suggestions mentioned above make for a great start. Volunteering within your community helps get your name and face out there. There’s nothing better than exchanging conversation in a positive situation like volunteer work. Home buyers and sellers are everywhere and it’s only a matter of time before you run into someone looking for the right Realtor! Plus, how good will it feel knowing you made a difference in your area?

Social media presence is obvious these days. Just about all eyes are on social media so make sure you’re giving them something to look at. And remember a potential client will likely go to social sites before deciding to hire you.

If you’re new to the industry, chances are, there’s other Realtors in your area that would gladly give up their open houses in order to free up some of their own time. Open houses are the perfect place to meet sellers and buyers. Taking the time to host open houses is a great way to show off your hard working skills

But then what? You’re face to face with your (hopefully) future client. Do you exchange numbers? Send them to your website? You need a quick, convenient way to pass along pertinent information, and set up the line of communication. That’s where Provisity can help.

Provisity products aren’t all about listings. You’ll find agent marketing in your account as well. Each account is equipped with an agent profile page that contains your contact info, area listings, some “get to know you” info, even a custom made video. Send your agent profile in a text and now you’ve got a solid line of communication and they’ve got their future Realtor in the palm of their hand.

Learn more about Agent Profile pages, including how to build your custom video here.