What exactly is E-Marketing and How Can it Make My Business Grow?

If you asked a thousand agents to define the term “e-marketing”, you’d probably get a thousand different answers.  Some would say it means placing listings and photos on their website.   Others would say it means getting listings on their MLS and IDX.   More would mention the many national outlets.  Another group might say it’s about enhancing their listings virtual tours or videos.  Still others would say e-marketing is about creating a listing website, mobile marketing, mapping, texting, social networking or cultivating and generating leads.  Obviously, they would all be correct.
 Times have certainly changed.  If you asked agents that same question a decade or so ago, most would likely say e-marketing meant somehow placing your listing on a silly thing called the internet.  Just five short years ago, many agents wouldn’t know what a text message was.  Yet now, we can’t imagine leaving the house without our mobile-office communication device.  We’ve reached a point where we can’t really call this amazing tool a “cell phone” anymore.  Most of the population rarely use it to actually make phone calls.
The term e-marketing is changing so rapidly that it truly can’t be defined at all.  The vast array of mobile and desktop products, services, local and national online outlets, and the devices that real estate can be marketed with are expanding daily.  Today, being a successful agent also involves being an electronic marketing wizard as well.  But the fact remains that all buyers and sellers will continue to demand more technology and more superior e-marketing services from real estate agents and offices.
This demand is the fundamental reason why highly successful agents and offices rely on affordable, cutting edge e-marketing solutions from vendors that specialize in cross-promotional listing campaign services.  The reason is simple.  Real estate professionals need to focus on real estate.  Keeping up with the rapid changes in electronic real estate marketing is a full time job in itself.
Effective e-marketing includes virtual tours, property videos, listing websites, lead generation avenues, texting systems, enhanced national feed presence, QR codes, craigslist widgets, search engine optimization, mobile compatibility, and more.  Displaying static photographs and listing information simply aren’t sufficient to catch a buyer’s eye or generate qualified leads when competing against other tech savvy agents.  To stand out, agents must consider a targeted approach for every marketing outlet. You never know where the next lead will come from, so listings must stand out wherever they are found.  But how can agents and brokers find the time, money and energy to learn such a vast amount of knowledge and keep up with the ever-changing technology on a daily basis?  It’s easy when you have a technology partner and a single integrated solution.
Now, the EXIT e-Listings e-marketing solution includes new features to help gain listings as well as marketing them properly.  Call today to get started at 1-888-882-1259.
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