You know how to market your listings. Now learn to market yourself!

Of course e-Listings is here to help you market your listing online, gain the leads of potential buyers, and ultimately get your listings sold. But did you know that EXIT e-Listings is here to help you gain listings too?
We want to ensure that when you go on your next listing presentation, setting yourself apart from the competition is a simple task. Below are some ways to achieve this: 
What better way to show a home owner how you're going market their home than the actual product. Each account gets it's own Demo Listing. These listings can be tailored to your liking. They are available to you with high quality photos, a scene based tour, and professional audio- all ready to go. Click Here to learn how to get Demo Listing!
Take this listing along to your presentation via laptop, tablet, or your phone. Have the tour link and/or listing website ready to show. You can quickly pull the tour up by texting it to yourself or better yet- have your client text it to see exactly how it works. This way, they can see the tour and you will get the lead to show off as well. Click here to learn more about leads and our two way texting. If you have signs already ordered for this system, assign one to your listing and take this along to your appointment. Sellers can get a first hand look at what will go in front of their home and how fast leads will be generated.
You will probably want something tangible to leave with them as well. We have three different presentation flyers available. All flyers automatically incorporate your contact information and photo so they won't forget who offers the most real estate tools. To learn how access your listing presentation flyers, click here.
Speaking of flyers- we have a wide range of lead generating ready flyers available to you now as well. Using the same set of instructions above. Go to the lead generation category under Print Material. Show a seller exactly what will show on his/her home flyer and how it will find those interested buyers!
Are you familiar with listing reports? When a listing is marketing through e-Listings, anywhere you advertise that tour link- we track it. Zillow, Facebook, in email, on your MLS. Get the tour out there, then let us tell you where it's getting hits. Additionally, have a report sent to your seller automatically. Set up your automatic listing report here. Make sure to advertise your listing as much as possible so that these reports stay active. Stale listings fall off syndication feeds and we don't automatically post to all sites. Click here for tips on how to maximize your advertising.
You don't have to use a Demo Listing either. Maybe you have your own property or have the potential clients home with photos already. You can enter any listing to use as an example. Just make sure to turn off the data feeds so that it doesn't go public, till you're ready. The link here will tell you how.
You can be as creative as you like with e-Listings. You may include a Demo Listing that talks about your credentials- just type what you want it to say in your script. Include a photo of yourself along with listing photos.